‘Woods in the Books’ is one of the popular bookstores in Tiong Bahru. It is famous for selling children’s books. It has the cutest and adorable looking front door that catches your eyes immediately. The window and door are a turquoise color that is very distinguishable and different from other stores down the area. It specializes in children’s books and other illustrated books. In addition to books, they also sell gift cards, greeting cards, tote bags, activity books, and art kits! Even if you don’t have young children, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting ‘Woods in the Books’ as your inner childishness will blossom when you enter the bookstore. 

Woods in the Books Book Store at Tiong Bahru Singapore

As it is a bookstore, the amount of books being sold is immensely high. There are a variety of books, from children’s books to novels and complex books to read for adults, the list is endless! For Children’s books and novels, there are many different genres of books that you can purchase! Such as the Sherlock Sam series, The Secret Explorers series, Roald Dahl books, stories on the Lorax through many different levels, and many more! In addition, there are many easy-to-read biographies books that are written for children. There are books about Ella Fitzgerald, Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Ada Lovelace, and many more! These books can be purchased at the store or through their website! For adults, there are not many since the store is focused on children! However, there are for-adults books such as ‘The No-Cook Cookbook’ and some historical books about Singapore and Malaysia. 


If you are into comic books or graphic novels, there are books like the Tintin series that you can purchase and read at home. There is also a comic called ‘​​The Ollie Comics: Diary of a First-Time Dad The Ollie Comics: Diary of a First-Time Dad’ that you can read! It may be a new comic book you’ve heard, similar to me, that you should buy and give the book a shot!

However, if books aren’t your thing, then you should still head to Woods in the Books as they have such amazing and endless options for gifts you can buy for yourself or for someone else! There are e-gift cards, physical vouchers that you can buy for your friends and family as a gift. In addition, there are tote bags that you can buy for someone as a cute birthday gift as it has such cute designs that will wow them! While buying those items, Woods in the Books also has cute designs with reasonable prices of birthday cards that will go alongside the items you bought for them! There are ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’ and many more types of cards that will be suitable for the event you’re writing about! 


So, if you love books, have any young children who love books or gifts, and any of these items caught your eye, then you should head to Woods in the Books at 3 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168642! Explore the store and make your experience there memorable!

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