Tiong Bahru is distinct from the rest of Singapore. Tiong Bahru is an Art Deco paradise hidden among Singapore’s numerous high-rise condos and tower blocks, within a couple of blocks from Chinatown and the Central Business District. Despite its tiny size, Tiong Bahru has enough things to do to keep you occupied for a few hours. When a person is at Bahru, he/she can do a plethora of things which include various activities like shopping, eating different cuisines and also observing heritage around the Bahru. When it comes to shopping here at Bahru there are various options with some specialities associated with them.

In Tiong Bahru, there is a market called Tiong Bahru market previously known as the Seng Poh Market which is one of the good places where people who are visiting Bahru can shop at. When the Tiong Bahru market was built it was built as a shelter for roadside hawkers who were struggling to earn their living in Singapore’s oldest housing estate. And now after numerous makeovers which have taken place with time the Tiong Bahru market has become a two-storey building that retains most of its timeless appeal. The lowest floor is usually a frenzy of frantic business activity on most mornings, with the market and retail shops selling everything from dried products to low-cost apparel.

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The food haven is a large, airy affair upstairs. Even the pickiest hawker centre eaters would be pleased with the high ceilings, well-spaced tables, and outdoor area. There’s much to choose from, from the legendary Shui kuih to prawn noodles, so you’ll never go hungry.

In Tiong Bahru, there are a lot of good small shops that will leave you with a lighter wallet, especially if you enjoy books. The greatest places to shop at Tiong Bahru are listed below.

Tiong Bahru Plaza: This is a market complex or a suburban mall which implies this is a multistorey and it can cater to all kinds of shopping needs of the visitors here.

Book stores: Some of the popular book stores which have unique genres of books available for the visitors are also situated here. Woods of the Books is one of the most popular stores in the Bahru area which is known for its unique ambience and photogenic environment.

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Curated records: Once upon a time these records used to be very famous and available everywhere but now only a few places have collections of records with them for visitors. This place has a great collection for visitors, curated Records is an independent music store that prides itself on offering a carefully curated collection of vinyl records. They have music from many independent musicians who are too wonderful to be missed, in addition to popular releases. They believe that by doing so, they would be able to present them to not just vinyl record collectors, but also to all music fans.

Art galleries: Art galleries present in the area also have a unique collection of art made by local artists from Singapore which makes it a unique art collection in its self. Art bought from these galleries act as a souvenir for the visitors.

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