The physical beauty of Tiong Bahru is not limited to its hulking high-rise buildings; rather, it is also present in the vibrant colours, murals and art installations that can be found throughout the neighbourhood. While the art of Tiong Bahru is certainly a sight for sore eyes, the stories behind it may prove even more captivating.

Background Of Tiong Bahru’s Art Scene

Tiong Bahru is home to a veritable collection of painted murals, contributed by a multitude of local artists. This includes the many colourful paintings that line the walls of the famous Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre.

Caption: A delectable delight—in more ways than one!

Besides the Tiong Bahru Market paintings, another series of wall stickers was put up by local photographer and artist Ernest Goh as part of the 2014 Tiong Bahru Heritage Fiesta. This series consisted of five animal murals (including roosters, guppies and goldfish) meant to represent pets common in the area during the 20th century. (Sadly, due to the material used, most of the murals in this series have since succumbed to weather conditions and peeled off.)

Many of the newer, more elaborate murals in Tiong Bahru were created by local artist Yip Yew Chong in collaboration with the Seng Poh Residents’ Committee (RC) and PAssionArts. With planning and conceptualisation taking place in late 2015, the series was unveiled in mid-2016, and features scenes of Tiong Bahru in the old days.

On the mural trail

Stepping out of Tiong Bahru Plaza, the first mural you will come across is a giant goldfish swimming right next to the Tiong Bahru Post Office. Though the sticker has undoubtedly seen better days, the artistic technique used remains as impressive as ever.

Caption: Goldfish by Ernest Goh

A little deeper into the heart of the Tiong Bahru housing estate, you’ll next chance upon a family of adorable, friendly-looking goats. Located on different walls both inside and outside the Tiong Bahru Market, the furry creatures are sure to brighten your day.

Caption: Goats by Ernest Goh

Just beyond the market on Seng Poh Road lies a reminder of days long past: a mural depicting the old “Bird Corner” where residents would bring their caged birds to hear them sing. Stand there to admire it for long enough, and you can almost hear the sounds of chirping and lively banter—almost as if you were really there.

Caption: “Bird Singing Corner” by Yip Yew Chong

Tucked into an unassuming alleyway on Eng Watt Street is a truly elaborate shot: a bustling pasar (street market) complete with a fortune teller’s stand painted on the far left.

Caption: “Pasar and the Fortune Teller” by Yip Yew Chong

Finally, at the far edge of the estate on Tiong Poh Road, we come to perhaps the most familiar of scenes: a lazy afternoon spent reclining in one’s chair, reading the newspaper while the TV blares in the background. Through the window, a gentle breeze rustles the curtains, while the electric fan whirrs with all its might to combat the unrelenting heat.

Caption: “Home” by Yip Yew Chong

Mural-hopping in Tiong Bahru is certainly an enthralling activity—one that may even take up your whole afternoon. So if you have some time to kill and are looking for a truly eye-opening experience, why not try your hand at tracking down these works of art? Because the more you learn about this charming district, the less you’ll want to leave.

Caption: A handy map of Tiong Bahru’s most well-known murals
Source: My Nice Home

Galleries in Tiong Bahru

Not to be underestimated, Tiong Bahru is also home to not one but two art galleries, each showcasing an extensive portfolio of paintings, sculptures and more. For an enriching intellectual experience—and a brief respite from Singapore’s infamously scorching weather—head down to either one of these exciting visual art centres.


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Caption: “Beautiful India”, 2007
Source: Degiosart
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Written By: Soh Ying Qi

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