The nightlife in Tiong Bahru is a blend of classy dinners and wild parties. Whether one wants to throw a party or take your date out for dinner, Tiong Bahru has a place for every occasion.

The 5 most happening places that one could visit to enjoy the nightlife of Tiong Bahru are:-

  1. Hua Bee –


Hua Bee is a traditional mee pok noodle stall in the day that turns into a hip yakitori joint by night, it turns out to be a happening gastropub after sundown. There is a separate entrance at the back alley leading to this makeshift bar called Bincho and this is considered as one of the most happening things to do in Tiong Bahru to enjoy the nightlife.

The Hua Bee opens up at 7:30 AM and closes at 2:30 AM.

  • Coq and Balls –


Coq and Balls is one of the most popular bars in Tiong Bahru. This joint is sure to grab the attention of many with its quirky name. Coq and Balls has a laid-back atmosphere that every neighbourhood bar should have alongside a industrial-modern décor with Western comfort food and casual drinks. They have an impressive list of craft beers, cocktails, and ciders, all of which are worth their price and are sure to make you feel right at home.

  • Tiong Bahru Bar –


Tiong Bahru Bar or famously known as TBB is not the average bar as it is the biggest nightlife spot to be found in Tiong Bahru. It is a huge 4000 square foot space with a chilled-out vibe. Their list of food items and drinks are straight-forward and simple which is founded to be the most attractive to the customers. Although they don’t have a wide variety of cocktails they have a large range of beers and shots. 

  • Thirsty Craft Beer Store –


This is one of the most popular craft beer stores, this is their third branch in the city of Tiong Bahru. And it’s no wonder they are so well-loved with over 200 labels of various craft beers and ciders. They import their raw materials for their drinks from various locations in Australia, Europe, America, and Asia. Thirsty is a beer lover’s heaven. As they have new products that are coming in all the time and one can bet that they will be able to try something original at Thirsty.

  • Drink Culture –


This restaurant-cocktail bar has something for everyone. This is a go-to place whether one is looking for a romantic getaway or an after work place for chill time with friends or a party venue. Drink Culture radiates class and charm, making it one of the most romantic venues in Singapore. The a range of cocktails and drinks are impressive in their range, creativity and flavours. The bar started out as a renowned cocktail bar alongside the historical Keong Saik Road and Drink Culture has evolved over the past 7 years into a dashing and trendy upbeat live band bar which serves tasty comfort food and signature drinks while well-known local artists perform to keep the audience/customers entertained throughout the night.

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