Tiong Bahru is a place for everyone. With massive murals, beautiful bakeries, ancient architecture, historic heritage, busy bookstores, and pleasant parks, Tiong Bahru offers you something to look forward to every time you visit. Don’t know what to do in one of the most charming neighbourhoods of Singapore? Need a place to shoot your next Instagram post? Don’t know where to take your date? Tiong Bahru has got your back. Here are 10 ways you can appreciate the beauty of Tiong Bahru the right way:

1. Admire the Architecture Blocks

Tiong Bahru Architecture
Image Courtesy : Boulevard

The Housing Development Blocks (HBDs) are an all-time favourite location for photographers. With photogenic spots on every corner, Tiong Bahru is home to unique low-rise apartments with smooth, curved corners; spiral staircases; parapet walls; overhanging eaves, and porthole windows. Look out for the “horse-shoe block” 78, and the “aeroplane blocks” 81 and 82. Away from the towering cityscape, Tiong Bahru is the perfect place for a romantic evening stroll. The minimalistic, streamline modern architecture is well-loved by many Singaporeans.

2. Listen to the Murals

Bird Singing Corner
Image Courtesy : Visit Tiong Bahru

The Murals on the streets of Tiong Bahru depict the bygone days. Each mural speaks a story that your grandparents would narrate of their time. They’re an echo of the lives of the people who lived in those buildings. Yip Yew Chong, the artist of the three murals; Bird Singing Corner, Home, and Pasar and the Fortune Teller, said that this was his attempt to conceptualise the good old days using some of his personal memories. Another artist, Ernest Goh, has blessed the streets with his Goldfish and Goat Family murals. The nostalgic charm of the free art gallery is definitely going to be worth your time.

Map to all the murals mentioned
Image Courtesy : My Nice Home

3. Discover the Independent Local Bookstores

BooksActually Vending Machine
Image Courtesy : Hype and Stuff

Nothing beats the smell of the books. The bookstores in Tiong Bahru offer a wide range of publications. Don’t forget to check out the work of the local authors and the literary section of Singapore. You can also find vintage second-hand books, a book vending machine, and peculiar stationery. BooksActually is the most popular bookstore in the neighbourhood, but it has shifted most of its operations online now. You can check out other emerging bookstores like Woods in the BooksPopular, and many more. Immerse yourself in the pages of your new book and romanticise your life to the fullest.

4. Visit the Curated Records Store

Curated Records Store
Image Courtesy : Curated Records IG

For all the music and record lovers, this is the place to be. The small independent record store has over a thousand records from mainstream pop hits to indie releases. With new stock arriving every week, the store has a wide range of genres like classic, jazz, rock n’ roll, electronic, folk, pop, and house. The owner, Tremon, is always happy to recommend and help you out.

Georgia’s favourite cafes and shops in Tiong Bahru
Video Courtesy : Georgia Caney

5. Go Cafe Hopping

Plain Vanilla
Image Courtesy : Cassie Ong IG

Tiong Bahru offers a variety of options for brunching with a wide range of cafes spread all over the neighbourhood. The Tiong Bahru Bakery is famous for its breads. Don’t forget to try the French pastry here! The Little House of Dreams is an all things pink cafe that deserves to be your Instagram feed. It offers a selection of all-time favourite brunch and deli items. Plain Vanilla is the OG of cupcakes. With open, airy space and cute decor, Plain Vanilla is the best place to relax. Bincho is a mee pok stall during the day that transforms into an upscale copper-hued, dining destination by night. The list of aesthetic cafes in Tiong Bahru go on and on. Just take a walk and you’ll find your favourite. Do let us know in the comments. 

Little House of Dreams
Image Courtesy : Little House of Dreams

6. Go on a Shopping Spree

Ask A French-Flowers
Image Courtesy : Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

Tiong Bahru is filled with cute novelty shops. Be sure to look out for Cat Socrates (a gift shop with works by local designers), Nana & Bird ( a local and international designer clothes store), Olive Ankara (a vibrant African fabrics store), Toy Or Game (a video game store), Nimble and Kneed (a spa), and Ask A French-Flowers (a floral and lifestyle studio).

7. Stop by the Art Galleries

Grey Projects Exhibition
Image Courtesy : Grey Projects

If you’re looking to appreciate the art of your fellow human beings, stop by the Grey Projects. It is a non-profit minimalistic design space that even has a library. Guided by the principle that “Art transcends cultural boundaries”, Art Blue Studio shows how artistic styles have evolved in South Asia. Degiosart Gallery is a place for all highly refined objects and artwork appreciators. It is a space filled with modern and vintage antiques from Europe and Asia. 

8. Follow the Local Food Trail

Egg Tarts
Image Courtesy : Brian He IG

Tiong Bahru is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore. Tow Kwar Pop (Stall #02-06), Hua Yuen Porridge (Stall #02-74), and Leung San Hong Pastries’s egg tarts (Stall #01-06) are some of the must-try dishes. Several of these hawker stalls have been given the Michelin Bib Gourmand and The Plate awards. Look out for the long queues and you’ll know where to eat next. Which is your favourite dish here?

9. Get clicked with the Dancing Girl

The Dancing Girl located in the Seng Poh Garden was sculpted by Lim Nang Sang. It became Tiong Bahru’s first piece of public art. Till today, the sculpture remains the estate’s only piece of public sculpture. Some people think it looks like a bird but it is meant to be a blissful harvest dancer.

10. Relax in the parks

Tiong Bahru Park Playground

Relaxing amidst the luscious green surroundings with the wind blowing through your hair is the best way to spend your evenings. Tiong Bahru Park is a spot for all age groups. The train theme playground is a children’s favourite. There are two running trails around the park for all the joggers. Kim Pong Park is a smaller field for recreational activities. It is a perfect location for a picnic date.

Around Tiong Bahru in 5 mins 30 seconds
Video Courtesy : Kevin Siyuan

Do share your favourite spots and activities to do in Tiong Bahru in the comments down below!


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