The famous Singapore flyer

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore is the Singapore flyer. It is located at the downtown district on Singapore, it was built in 2008, is 492 ft high and has a seating capacity of 784. The projected was headed by Kisho Kurokawa , he was a Japanese architect and founded a movement which was environmental friendly by recycling architectural style in an Asian context. After the Singapore flyer was built, it was adored by many around the world stated in many magazines , books and news. It was the reason of tourist influx in Singapore from 200. It was declared as the largest observation wheels in the world. The capsules of the wheel are mounted over outwards rim structure of the wheel providing a clear view of the city. The wheel can rotate both ways – clockworks and counter clockworks. 

The giant wheel stands at the centre of the city therefore giving you a view of the skyline in Singapore at the top. It gives a 360 stunning view of the historic landmarks of the city. The timings to ride the wheel are from 3pm-9pm , experiencing it in each time of the day is very different. In the afternoon it provides a chilly clear view of the city highlighting the parks , towers and other remarkable landmarks. In the evening you can see the gorgeous sunset painting the sky in colours of golden , purple and black , during this time you can glare at the illuminated sky line which provide a mesmerising view of the buildings and landscape. In the night it provides a shiny view of the city lime lighted by the digital stars reflecting each corner of the city. During this time the weather makes your experience seem very splendid and the buildings gleam the most at this time of the day. 

To enter the ride you will pass through a security system as many precautions are taken as it is a very attractive tourist location. After passing this , there will be an educational learning story of how the Singapore flyer was formed. This will be explained in an art gallery called ‘the Journey of Dreams’. To be guided into your assigned capsules , you will have to cross an aero-bridge. 

This air conditioned cabin is made up of glass which helps you see a 360 angle view and provide a seamless ride of the city . over here you can enjoy an intimate full course meal , wine and the fantastic city view for one and a half hour. A capsule can fill up to 2 to 28 guests on whether you are planning to have a romantic getaway or a bug birthday celebration, this is fit for both. Each capsule will have a dedicated butler who will serve you a 3 course meal. The wine selections are very extravagant and unique such as ‘Singapore sling flight’ and ‘cocktail flight’. They also provide other options of pastries , sandwiches , orange juice and muffins.

The Singapore flyer is a city defining structure for Singapore as it is one of the main reasons why Singapore is a massive tourist attraction. This is must see place to visit for anyone visiting. This is the rarest place in the world which gives you a panoramic view of a city and provides a joyful memory for those who have experienced it. 

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