Being at Tiong Bahru can be exciting but leaves you confused about what you should do there. There are a lot of options to choose from and you aren’t sure which and where you should head to! If you are in this state, shopping would be the first and best option to do! Whether you enjoy books, souvenirs, clothes, music, or all, checking out Tiong Bahru shops is what you should be when you enter the area! That’s why this website will help you find your perfect first location to shop at!

1. Cat Socrates

If you are a cat lover or not, you should check out Cat Socrates. Founded in 2008, they are just located across BooksActually and squashed by two of the most beloved and popular cafes, they couldn’t have chosen a better new home. At Cat Socrates, they have a wide range of funky homewares, fashion accessories, stationery, and books that place a huge emphasis on great design and all with a strong local flavor. In addition to that, they have a lot of cat-related items such as cards, pens, and notebooks that will satisfy any cat lover.  Moreover, Cat Socrates is always discovering new brands and designers from all over the world so that they can bring their creations to Singapore to provide a platform for them as well as for local designers and makers to present their work to a wider audience. 

Address: 7 Yong Siak Street
Opening hours: Mon 10am-6pm, Tues – Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri & Sat 10am – 8pm, Sun 9am – 6pm

2. Woods in the Books

‘Woods in the Books’ is one of the popular bookstores in Tiong Bahru. It is famous for selling children’s books. It has the cutest and adorable looking front door that catches your eyes immediately. The window and door are a turquoise color that is very distinguishable and different from other stores down the area. It specializes in children’s books and other illustrated books. In addition to books, they also sell gift cards, greeting cards, tote bags, activity books, and art kits! Even if you don’t have young children, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting ‘Woods in the Books’ as your inner childishness will blossom when you enter the bookstore. 

Address:3 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168642.
Opening hours: Sunday & Monday 10am–6pm, Tuesday closed, Wednesday to Saturday 10am–7pm. 

3. Curated Records

If you love listening to music and/or enjoy collecting vinyl records, then Curated Records should be your next destination to go! Curated Records is an independent store that focuses on having attentive selections of vinyl records. Alongside having mainstream releases, they have music of many independent artists that are too good to be missed. Through that, they hope to introduce those to not only vinyl record enthusiasts but also to all music lovers! They have a huge range of collections, everything from jazz to metal music and to everything in between! Not only that, they sell the records in brand new conditions, not second-hand! Therefore, it will feel that you own the vinyl from its own origin! 

Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Road
Opening hours: Tues to Sun 1pm-8pm, Mondays closed

4. Nana & Bird

Founded in 2010 by Georgina “Nana” and Chiew Ling “Bird”, both wanted to pursue their careers in marketing and advertising, but they also wanted to create something that they could originally create. It naturally landed on something related to fashion as they both love to travel and shop together, and decided to name the brand “Nana & Bird”, after their nicknames from junior college days, when they first met. Then by 2012, they were able to open the store at Chay Yan Street, Tiong Bahru. It was just 350 square feet, but today, they were blessed with brand partners who trusted us with their designs! Their mission is to advocate for a more sustainable way to build an enduring wardrobe – one that is made with attention to quality and designs that are timeless. They make deliberate choices in the way they operate, the choice of partners, and the products that are curated and created. They have clothes for both kids and ådults females as well as items for gifting such as bundles, cards, and many more! If you love to shop for clothes that are with good quality materials, you should come and try out clothes at Nana & Bird! 

Address: 1 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168641
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11am–6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am–5pm

5. Tiong Bahru Plaza

If you enjoy being at a mall, then Tiong Bahru Plaza is your place to be at! It features communal spaces for both residents and shoppers to mingle. By being able to capture both the characteristics of the old neighborhood and the new “hippy” factor of Tiong Bahru, this mall is your perfect hang-out spot! This mall has an open terrace on level 4, an open plaza at level 1 to showcase flea markets, music performances, movie screenings, and more. In addition, in level 3, there’s a bird-shaped playground design inspired by iconic mosaic ones from the past that entertains the young while retaining a heritage charm. Tiong Bahru Plaza also offers an array of F&B establishments and shopping options, serving the needs of residents around the vicinity, business executives from Central Plaza offices, and students from the neighboring schools. They have stores such as Decathlon and Daiso to F&B such as Mr. Coconut and Sushi Tei. The options are endless!

Address: 298 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168732
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am–10pm

6. Monument Lifestyle at Tiong Bahru

Monument Lifestyle is the creation of Dustine and Iris Sangalang, who wanted to celebrate the simple pleasures of everyday living. After living in London, Japan, California, and New York City, they decided to move their former lives in startups and MNC’s to Singapore in 2016. They believe that if you surround yourself with things you love, the life you will have will be more monumental, each and every day. With that, they handpicked their favorite labels that resemble this philosophy from the United States. In addition, Monument Lifestyle allows other brands to collaborate with them! They are open to showcasing other brands’ products. They are able to do that by doing a form through the Monument Lifestyle website to get their application for collaboration in! When it comes to the shop itself, they are selling clothes for both adults and children and they also have tote bags as well as water bottles. You should come and visit Monument Lifestyle if you love shopping for clothes!

Address: 21 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168651
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am–6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am–7pm

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