While Tiong Bahru happened to be designed with ample that belongs to green space between its blocks, no plans that is going to belong to an existing planted leisure area happened to be initially proposed. That is going to belong to an existing period inside of the 1960s, the area surrounding the community centre on top of eu chin street happened to be planted with various plants as well as bushes inside of the style that belongs to an existing garden, with the exception of it wasn’t until 1972 that an existing manicured garden on top of Seng Poh road happened to be developed.

image source: hellosingaporetours.com

The location where Seng Poh garden happens to be presently located happened to be previously an existing open grassy area utilized by villagers that is going to belong to morning exercise as well as socializing. At the time where he returned to his old estate, Tiong Bahru member that belongs to parliament as well as former resident Ch’ng Jit Koon happened to be concerned that the estate’s green spaces exist as a given more attention. To that purpose, he commissioned Sarawak-born artist lim Nang Seng , who had already established himself during the same time that an existing notable sculptor inside of Singapore, to create something “as quickly during the same time that feasible.”

Seng Poh garden happens to be home to the district’s first piece that belongs to public art. The concrete 1.2-meter-high ‘dancing girl’ sculpture happened to be commissioned inside of 1972 during the same time that the highlight that belongs to the manicured garden by Sarawak-born artist Lim Nang sang, who also built the famed merlion monument.

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