Since Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest areas in Singapore, they hold a lot of traditional and old items and places. One of the oldest places they have is book stores since they kept past books. From traditional children’s books to books about the history of Singapore and Tiong Bahru, many of the bookstores in this area have them all.  In addition to these books in the bookstores, they have paintings, cute souvenirs, and game boards you can play with your friends and families. From artistic books such as ‘The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye’ to funny and easy-to-read ‘Speaking Singlish: A Companion to how Singaporeans communicate’, many local bookstores have it all!

Woods in the Books

Woods in the Books’ is one of the popular bookstores in Tiong Bahru. It is famous for selling children’s books. It has the cutest and adorable looking front door that catches your eyes immediately. The window and door have a turquoise color that is very distinguishable and different from other stores down the area. It specializes in children’s books and other illustrated books. In addition to books, they also sell gift cards, greeting cards, tote bags, activity books, and art kits! Even if you don’t have young children, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting ‘Woods in the Books’ as your inner childishness will blossom when you enter the bookstore.

Address: 3 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168642. Opening hour: Sunday & Monday 10 am–6 pm, Tuesday closed and from Wednesday to Saturday 10 am–7 pm. 


BooksActually is an Indie bookstore with a focus on Singaporean fiction & literature, and it also offers stationery & gifts. The books sold are more complex and are focused more on young adults and older as it has more variety of genres, from non-fiction to crime mystery. Not only books that they sell, but they also have magazines and poetry. However, it doesn’t stop there! They also have Russian Classics books, Japanese-focused books, and many more! Same as Woods in the Books, they also sell cute-looking gift cards and tote bags that you can buy for yourself and/or your family and friends! In addition to that, they also sell puzzles, bags and pouches, stickers and tapes, markers, and CDs.

Address: 44 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207401. Opening hour: Monday until Friday 10 am–12 pm, 2–5 pm, and while Saturday and Sunday are closed!

The French Bookstore

If you’re into the French language, either you are fluent in French or you would like to learn French, then the French Bookstore is where you should go! All of the books, DVDs, and CDs they sell are in French so that the native French speakers can read in their own mother tongue while the new speakers can learn through literature. It sells audiobooks, CDs, DVDs as well as a variety of genres of books. Genres vary from historical books to general literature of French. In the store, they have around 3,800 books, however, if you prefer to shop online, their website is still operational and you can buy online. They deliver to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia at the Singapore Post.

Address: 5 Tiong Bahru Road, 01-53, Singapore 160055. Opening hour: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 am-6 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Close every Monday & Tuesday!


When it comes to a more “popular” and modern bookstore (PUN is so intended!!), Popular bookstore is the one! In here, you would be able to find items that are more than books, although they are also very famous for the books being sold. They have a range of books, from children’s books, young adult books, magazines, cookbooks, and many more! Within the books, there are a variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and many more! In addition to those, there are also worksheet books where you can use them to prepare for your math, English, and Chinese exams, or just to practice for fun. These books are very helpful to more primary school students, grades 1-6 since the books were meant for those grades! Also, you can buy stationery for your school, life or work needs as they have everything you need, such as pens, pencils, both mechanical and lead pencils, eraser, highlighter and many more!

Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #03-115 S(168732). Opening hour: Monday to Friday 11.00 am to 9.00 pm and Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 10.30 am until 9.30 pm.

SKS Books Warehouse

Lastly, if you are either Christian or Catholic, SKS Books Warehouse is the place for you to get books, music, and any religious items to fill your house and/or your knowledge! In here, they have children’s books about Catholicism and Christians and as well as stories from the bible, the bible itself, bible studies books, and many more! It is suitable for everyone of any age to come in here and look around at the store. There are also games that they sell that are religion-based and also non-religious games. This store essentially focuses on both Christian & Catholic, as well as non-Christian and Catholic items to ensure that everyone is welcomed into the store and will end up buying an item because of the variety.

Address: 315 Outram Road, Tan Boon Liat Building, #09-03, S(169074). Opening hour: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9 am until 7 pm, Wednesday 9 am until 8 pm. Closes on Sunday. 

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