Tiong Bahru parks were formed in 1967 it is known for having a peaceful atmosphere and are famous for being environment friendly. This park was later modernised in the 2000s to give the old city a new feel The cleanliness of the parks are taken very seriously , people have said it provides a very fresh touch to the place therefore creation of more parks in tiong bahru is encouraged. Each person can find their own spot and own activities they like to participate in the park , children have a swing set and slides built in the park where they can enjoy , there is also exercise and workout place if people are interested in that , also yoga classes also take place where you can get in touch with your spirituality. Therefore there is something for everyone to enjoy. The most famous parks around the area are Kim Pong Park and Tiong Bahru park.

  1. Kim Pong Park – it is a lovely recreational centre built in park. It is very organised by separating the park into 3 zones – the first zone is the largest one where it has an open field where people can lay around , have picnics , catch up with their friends and go on a walk. The second zone is located in the middle of the whole park and it is mainly targeted towards children as it has a play set and monkey bars to swing and slide , it also has benches on the side for parents or guardians to look after their child. The third zone is a slight different as it has an architectural pavilion where residents can take shelter and rest. It is also mainly used for events hosted in the neighbourhood like Christmas parties , charity events or community meetings. 
  • Tiong Bahru Park – this is a staple park in the city and is over 3 hectares. The point of the park is to blend in with the new developed city. It is very large but very lowkey as it is supposed to coexist with the building and shops. This is why many shops and restaurants are surrounding it like it is the enigma of the society and everything revolves around it. People usually sit here to clear their mind and implement it in their daily lives by using it as a place to exercise , have club meetings , walk with their spouse and play tag around the area. It is a very resident friendly park as  it is made by the people and for the people. 

Due to these parks the city has more uniformity and nature is interlinked with the city unlike other places where the urban and natural environment is separate. The parks around make Tiong Bahru a special place and give a different feel to the city , this is why it is a natural and attractive tourist spot because this type of city blueprint is very rare for places. This city has showcased an aesthetic environment that with uniformity everything built here automatically flourishes.

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