Writer: Soh Ying Qi

Soh Ying Qi is a writer and self-proclaimed language enthusiast who loves nothing more than working with words. When she’s not stringing them together in front of a computer screen, she can be found absorbing them through the pages of a good book, or becoming one with the sofa while engrossed in a film.

Writer: Lim Jun Tian

Lim Jun Tian is a passionate and motivated individual in the field of creative media, and hopes to share with the world his experiences and ideas through his work. Making use of various forms of media, he hopes that one day he can make a difference in the life of others who can be touched by his works.

Writer: Priyanka Chandani

Priyanka Chandani is head over heels for anything that allows her to be creative and express herself. If not shooting, designing, or editing content, you’re likely to find her dancing or painting. A free-spirited girl, skating her way through life, exploring and learning as many new things as possible. Oh! and don’t forget to check out her first-ever blog account:

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