Art deco furniture in Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru’s shops are defined as very eclectic and Avantgarde. Furniture shops , boutiques , cafes and a few restaurants here are not big co-operations but indie store , meaning they have unique and odd tastes which have not been seen around the world. The big advantage of these stores are that they can be as creative and unique as they want as they are meant only for the residents of the city and not a food chain or department stores where they need to cater to new customers and have goals of expanding. By this it provides magic in the city making it look like a secret alternate land when people visit because everything is different varying from the food , fashion and culture. Tiong Bahru is a huge business opportunity for Art deco furniture stores as they specialise in furniture from the 1930s when it was popular to have metal muted colours , polished finishes and odd shaped cabinets. This style had originated from France and was very popular in Europe. Art Deco furniture sell well in Tiong Bahru because the customers are accustomed to the city’s unique lifestyle as it inspires them and has a touch of camp theme. 

A few stores in Tiong Bahru are

  1. From journey east – it is located in the Tan Boon building , it has unique hand made collectable furniture. It specialises in making items out of ancient furniture and modifying it to a modern style. The furnitures have a distinct bright personalitwhich make it stand out in your home and the colours used are primary and  

 reflective to make your house pop.

  • Soul and Tables – this store is famous for using environmental friendly products which are authentic and timeless. The items are more targeted to the simple hometown audience. The materials preferred for the furniture are oak and teak. They are given a lot of attention as they are crafted very carefully as they have high quality wood from an ethical sourcing. These furnitures are designed to be kept for a long time and not quality fading. Souls and tables value generation lasting practical furnitures over a shiny market trend. It is a home grown brand.
  • Hommage lifestyle – this is a very interesting and unique store as it is an authentic Japanese furniture store. They sell Japanese furniture like a Japanese dining table , drawers and a Hinoki bed, it is made with refined wood and ceramics. These pieces of furniture each have a story h=behind how it was made. The owner of the store is very passionate about the history of Japanese furniture and the production is made with love and care. Some items have Japanese text engraved on them which could be the name of the furniture , material or a symbol. People can easily make out the store is very authentic and handled with care.

Each of these furniture stores are unique and special in their own way , this is why many tourist visit Tiong Bahru , the shops are very authentic and not variations of each other like in the city. Also more market revenue is not exchanged for nicheness of the store. You can tell people are very passionate about their job here as it is treated more like an art and not as a money bean plant.

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