By Anvi Gupta

Animals? good! Nights with a lot of wind? good! Enjoying the windy nights while watching animals? GOOOOD!! Take it from someone who has seen Singapore’s night safari: it is truly magical! 

Just 23 minutes away from Tiong Bahru, awaits a magical safari. The Night Safari is one of Singapore’s most famous tourist attractions and the world’s first nighttime zoo. The Night Safari is home to approximately 900 creatures representing over 100 species, with 41% of them being endangered. Mandai Wildlife Reserve manages the Night Safari, which attracts around 1.3 million tourists each year.  On May 29, 2007, the Night Safari welcomed its 11 millionth guest. The Night Safari is a full open-air zoo set in a moist rainforest that is only open at night, unlike regular night habitats, which invert the day-night cycle of animals so they can be active during the day. It is separated into seven zones that can be visited on foot through four walking paths or by bicycle.


When I went to the safari, we first went on a tour and then proceeded to the eating counter. I was in a group of 40 people, ranging in age from 1 to 65, and I was blown away by how well the food and atmosphere suited everyone. We still had about 40 minutes before our time to go in the jeep, so the kids and I proceeded to the walking trail. It was surreal to witness animals not in cages but free, moving around openly in their natural habitat, despite the fact that we missed our way and had no network. It was also really safe.

The creatures of the Night Safari, which include chital deer and gaur, Indian rhinoceros, pangolins, lions, and Asian elephants, are illuminated by moonlight-like illumination. Instead of being confined, animals are segregated from humans by natural boundaries, comparable to the Singapore Zoo’s open approach. Cattle grids were installed around the park rather than  jail-like bars to prevent animals from traveling from one environment to another. These are metal sheets that resemble grilles and have openings large enough for animals’ legs to pass through. Apart from the wildlife delights, the tour also includes cultural acts such as tribal dances, blowpipe demonstrations, and fire eating shows.

Now you’re probably wondering how much the night safari costs. We’ve got you covered in that area as well. There are a variety of packages available when scheduling a safari; however, the price will vary depending on the number of people attending, their age, and the day of your visit, as rates vary on peak days. Adult tickets range from S$45 to S$60, while children’s costs range from S$30 to S$40.

Night safari, in my opinion, is one of the most entertaining locations to visit in Singapore. It may appear childish, but trust me when I say that the safari is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for children. I strongly advise you to book ahead of time to avoid any last-minute complications. It’s time to start arranging your ideal holiday to Singapore, and don’t forget to include the dreamy night safari in your itinerary.

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